Y. Sekou Bermiss, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Management

Contact information:
The University of Texas at Austin
McCombs School of Business
2110 Speedway Stop B6300  
CBA 4.202
Austin, TX 78712-1750

(ph): 979.202.1906 


This website is dedicated to my academic research and teaching.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me.


My current research interests lie in two domains.  The first is the social construction of value in markets.  I study how market actors perceive value within firms and how this impacts firm outcomes.  In my current research projects I investigate how market perceptions of financial performance and corporate social responsibility, which are shaped by media attention,  impact how corporate reputation is socially constructed.  I have also conducted research about industry emergence, highlighting how strategic and environmental factors allow entrepreneurs in nascent industries to socially construct the value of their services in order to attract clients. 

Secondarily, I study the impact of executive mobility on firm outcomes.  In this stream of research I explore how executive characteristics such as  functional background and client management strategies play a role in the impact of their exit to the departing firm.  

I draw most of my data from professional service industries where I started my professional career 


I currently teach courses on Organizational Behavior (undergraduate course) and Organizational Theory (doctoral seminar).